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2012 eBay Holiday Collective Behind-the-scenes: Ruffian

eBay has partnered with seven leading designers on an exclusive new collaboration: the eBay Holiday Collective—an original, limited-edition gift collection of men's and women's apparel, jewelry, travel and electronics accessories and home décor items for the 2012-13 holiday season. Starting November 12, the collection will be available globally, exclusively on eBay, at accessible, "Buy it Now" prices from $50 to $100 and will include free US and international shipping. About Ruffian: Together, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are the creative force behind the critically acclaimed Ruffian fashion label. Wolk and Morais have worked diligently to establish Ruffian as a new American luxury. Their philosophy combines couture tradition, the use of exclusive European textiles and the highest-quality materials and construction, with the modern-day realities of the international woman. For each of its collections, Ruffian de-constructs archetypes and then rebuilds them slightly askew, mixing culture with counter-culture; classic with cutting edge; "punk" and "princess" Ruffian has recently begun new initiatives to make our products more accessible to a broader worldwide audience, and we are thrilled to bring elements of our semi-annual runway fashion show exclusively to eBay. For this special holiday collection, Brian and Claude have curated a small collection of limited edition, iconic Ruffian pieces that will tie in directly to the theme of this year's Spring 2013 fashion show to be <b>...</b>
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